Prep & After CAre

before your appointment

Avoid wearing waterproof mascara a few days before.

Come with clean lashes to your full set and fill appts.

Avoid oils and oil based products on the lashes or around the eye area.

Review any known allergies.

Avoid caffeine right before.

Restroom break?

during your appointment

Most importantly sit back and relax.

Keeps eyes closed.

Chat with your stylist, take a nap or listen to music/podcast.

Let us know if your experience any discomfort so we can adjust as needed.

after your appointment

Admire your new lashes.

Keep lashes dry for 12-24 hours.

Cleanse regularly with lash shampoo. $35 ask your stylist for a bottle and a brush at your next appt.

Brush lashes daily.

Use a silk pillow case or eye mask to avoid any pulling at night. $10

Only use lash safe mascara on bottom lashes. Do not put mascara on extensions. $30

Do not pick, pull or use a mechanical lash curler on your lashes. The curl can be adjusted at your next appt if needed.

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